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Here at Blacken Studios we do absolutely everything in-house. We currently offer the following: Production, Audio/Video Recording, Editing, Marketing and Advertisement, as well as Website and Logo Design.

BrainBox takes listeners on a deep dive into history, literature, ethics, philosophy, and other humanities fields to give context to issues affecting American society.

Upbeat Urbanism Podcast – Hosted by Jamie Limberg. Creating healthy, intentional, sustainable communities…one conversation at a time. 

One Mic One Voice

A Show created to give space where your voice, ideas, and informed opinions can be heard, appreciated, and debated. 

AR15 in the 405

Join Adam and Richard each week for thought provoking episodes about life in Oklahoma from the perspective of the creative minds that help shape it each and everyday. Week by week you will get to hear from a different leader and 

Blacken Studios

Blacken Studios was founded in 2014. Blacken Studios specializes in forming an idea, defining your passion and transforming it into a work of art we like to call a podcast. From producing, developing, and recording Blacken Studios has formed well over 950 podcast episodes and countless commercial advertisement. Blacken Studio’s producers responsible for treating all clients as family and pushing them to the limit in the radio/podcast studio. Blacken Studios a credible name in the podcasting world.

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What Our Clients Say

"Our podcast is thriving thanks to the hard work and expertise of Blacken Studios. Their staff makes everything incredibly easy, to where we just need to show up with our guests, put on headphones, and start talking. Blacken Studios takes care of all the details we need to help make our podcast a success and reach a wide audience, and they also make podcasting a whole lot of fun."
OK Humanities Brain Box
"I love Blacken Studios. Their podcast shows are amazing. From sports to gaming; to the most important social issues facing us today, you will find it on this network. I highly recommend Blacken Studios."
Michael Eric Owens Founder / Executive Director