Issue 17: Super Powered Debaters w/ Vinton Bayne & Joshua Unruh

It’s finally back, that’s right, the great Super Powered Debate is back and this time we brought our super friends. Comic book authority, author and podcaster, Mr. Joshua Unruh but thats not all. The man that has venom coursing through his system to strengthen his comic book knowledge, the comic fanatic, authority and podcaster, Mr. Vinton Bayne arrives on the show. As always Mr. Richard Taplin is here as our expert moderator for this highly anticipated debate. You will laugh, be informed and have a damn good time with Oklahoma’s super powered debaters on this eciting issue of The Super Powered Movie Podcast.

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Ep 3: Top 5 Dead or Alive

On this episode, the co-host discusses all there is about the current state of the NBA. We touch on the latest with the NFL free agent period as well as the upcoming NFL draft. We also start new segments TOP 5 Dead or Alive and Falling From Grace.