Podcast advertising is a digital audio platform reaching thousands of educated, affluent and mobile listeners. As a result, every month listeners are open to hearing your brand’s message. Therefore, Blacken Studios can connect you to shows that reach local and international audiences. We specialize in host-read ads and pre-recorded commercials that grab listeners attention, therefore making them memorable. 

Are looking for a platform to advertise your event on? Contact Blacken Studios and we can run you ad on our shows! Our ads are so effective because listeners trust our hosts when they endorse your brand or product. 


Do you have an Event? 

Let Blacken Studios get you a high audio quality commercial.

With different packages that can be custom made to cater to your every need in order to get the details of your event heard. Also, we’ll provide you with an MP3 file of your commercial that you can distribute to all of your advertisement and social media platforms at a fraction of the cost. 

Our packages can include:

  • Recording 
  • Pre/Post-production
  • Guidance
  • Formatting
  • Ad Placement
  • Sponsorship 


 Here is a commercial to listen to for yourself:

Ralph Ellison 2017 Gala Event



Do you have a Brand or Product?

Blacken Studios can assist you with a professional grade commercial.

Whether you need only a professional recording studio or just beginning to get your project advertisement ready.

Let’s get your product or brand to reach millions of listeners and push your information! 


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