The Elijah Bailey Show presents the Thanksgiving day special episode 102! Oklahoma’s Favorite Podcast brings you Richard (The Buckity) and Elijah (5000) to talk about entertainmetn, anime, news and more the way that you like it. This week’s episode Elijah gives you a spoiler free breakdown of Justice League and Netflix’s The Punisher. Your hosts also pay respect to the legendary Della Reese who recently passed and you hear about the CGF (Crippled Goose Factor) that Elijah expereienced while sick. Don’t forget we continue our journey with Universe 7 and the Z warriors as the Tournament of Power continues in episodes 115-116 as Goku shuts DBS down with the best Kamehameha ever!!!! Join as the most illustrious podcast in the game impregnates your brain with all types of anime, Marvel and DC goodness, right here coming from Blacken Studios!
Show Topics:
–  Duffle Bag: 8:22
   – RIP Della Reese: 8:59
   – Justice League: 16:50
   – The Punisher: 20:23
   – Disney and Netflix: 26:14
– Dragonball Super: 34:00

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