In this episode, the hosts discuss the previous episode in which we diverted to a freestyle format. We recap the #NBA Finals between the #ClevelandCavaliers and #GoldenStateWarriors.  We give live updates on game 1. We discuss #Lebron legacy and where he stands amongst the greats of #NBA past. One of the hosts at the audacity to call #MichaelJordan overrated in college. #Frogg promptly pulled a game from #1984 between #Duke and #NorthCarolina where #MichaelJordan scored32 points. Will OKC welcome back #KD if he ever returns? Listen to what his mom had to say about it. Is being a die-hard fan require you to accept mediocrity? Some of the hosts have a difference of opinion on this subject. We get into all of that and more. Be on the lookout for EP.15 and don’t forget to #TurnOn.


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