This episode Richard (The Buckity) Taplin debuts “The Bucking Hour” to give Elijah (5000) Bailey a bit of praise for his amazing anime recommendations that he OOOOOOO so disrespects on a consistent basis. ITs the anime episode of the month and your host dive into possibly Detective Pikachu spoilers, Gundam coming to the real world, Elijah reviews Battle Angel: Alita and we talk Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. To get to what interest you faster use the time stamps listed below and for exclusive videos, gameplay and more join our exclusive community on patreon linked below. Anytime during your listen send us a tweet @ElijahBaileySho. Remember you can watch us live on twitch at elijah_5000 every Sunday at 2:00 p.m. CST. So join the conversation as the worlds most illustrious podcast, covers it all from the latest video game, film and comic news to this seasons anime. 100% auditorial pleasure right here coming from Blacken Studios!


Show Topics:

The Bucking Hour– 15:45

–  (Anime News Updates)  22:00

  –Gundam Live-Action 22:07

  –Detective Pikachu Twist! – 26:20

Otaku University (Wordsmith) – 31:38

– Alita: Battle Angel 39:25

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – 43:56

– Anime of the Month- 51:01

– Manga of the Month- 56:47




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Highlight Of The Month:

– Anime of the Month: Akame ga Kill!

– Manga of the Month: Wolf Guy – Ookami No Monshou


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