*To our listening audience and fans: we sincerely apologize for the technical difficulties that shaped parts of this episode.


In this episode, the fellas break out a couple of new segments for our fan base to look forward to. We debuted #1on1 as well as #InTheSportsNewsWithChrisJ. We revise #Welcome2ThethunderDome and #21. In our #1on1 segment Rd.1 Draymond Green vs. Charles Barkley and the unanimous winner is Charles Barkley. Rd. 2 Joe Montana vs. Tom Brady. Phillip and Frogg gave it Joe Montana, Chris and Justin gave it to Tom Brady for a tie. We talk #ShoeGate and #ZO2. In our game of #21, we bring out something new called “who would you be?” the celebrity edition. Justin chose Malcolm X, Frogg chose Drake and Don Cheadle, Phillip chose President Obama and Tupac, Chris chose Willie Nelson and Morgan Freeman, Buck chose Brad Pitt. Another #LIT episode of Turn on the Game the Podcast. Be on the lookout for Episode 20 it will be another epic show. Don’t forget to #TurnOn.

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