In this episode, the fellas talk #FreeOJ as well as #FreeMelo and much more. We start off the show with another episode of “In the $Sports News with Chris”. We tease the upcoming #NFL football season as well as we get into some #FantasyFootball talk. We are excited about football starting up again. What happened to Ole Miss Head ball coach Hugh Freeze? Our division 1 college coaches out of control?

We discuss why the #Knicks are holding #Melo hostage. #DerrickRose is once again trending upwards. We went hard in the paint for our #1on1 segment. Round 1 was #LeBronJames vs. #LarryBird. Chris and Phillip chose LeBron and Frogg chose Larry Legend. Round 1 went to LeBron James. Round 2 we put up against each other Randy Moss vs. Jerry Rice. Chris and Phillip chose Jerry Rice and Frogg chose Randy Moss. Round 2 went to Jerry Rice. In our game of 21, we discuss #ShoeGate with Lonzo Ball as well as the impact O.J. Simpson has on the black community as well as the white #community. All of this plus much more, be on the lookout for our next episode and don’t forget to #TurnOn.


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