In this episode, we bring you “In the News with Chris J” where we talk #LuckyWhitehead.  Is he worth the price of admission? We debut a new segment ‘If “if” was a fifth? For our first discussion, we debate whether #MichaelJordan in his prime playing in today’s #NBA would be more dominate, same as he was or less dominate? Chris chose the same and Frogg chose more dominate. The reasoning Frogg gave was due to the fact that MJ was a very aggressive player and today’s pools of players are the opposite.  The same question but in reverse for Steph Curry, how would he fare in Jordan’s era? We agree that he wouldn’t attempt a shot past the three point line. We debate Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith whether they would have thrived behind each other’s offensive line. #2017GSW vs. #1996Bulls would win? All of this and much more so don’t forget to #TurnOnTheGame. #TurnOn

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