Booze, guns and knives took over last week’s episode but have no fearyour hosts survived and are now back to give you what you’ve been asking for. Boobs, Boosts and a journey to the end of despair! Stay tuned as this exciting adventure of a lil bit o anime begins!



Elijah 5000 and Monica, the Vivacious Vixen of Voice Acting have returened after their live of crime with the gang from Baccano and now its on to cover some of the upcoming news that is changing the anime world forever, are you prepared? That’s not all, we dive into the bossum Of High School DxD And Journey to the end of despair with Last Period in this week’s “Anime Watch Swap”. Tweet at us if we forgot anything, you want to debate an anime topic or just show your love for what we are talking about. Join Oklahoma’s anime based podcast where you get anime inspired commercials, season reviews and an authentic perspective of anime from two hosts that love anime as much as you!



This Week’s Anime : Click the links below to watch these anime and join the conversation

    – High School DxD: Hero

    – Last Period The Journey To The End Of The Despair


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Watch With Us for Next Week’s “Anime Watch Swap”:


  – Fist Of The Blue Sky: Regenesis

  – Umamusume: Pretty Derby


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