In this episode, we are joined by a bery dynamic and talented artist, “political junky”, and social activist, Skip Hill. Skip challenges the status qui, and weighs in on the pathology of racism. Listen in as we dissect a sickness that has plagued our county from its origin, and provide some practical steps for moving forward. 

Follow along with us with the Video links and articles at the bottom.

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Video Links:

TrumpCare Fail Matthews Trump never said repeal replace Clips

Police: Baltimore Man Suspected In Fatal NYC Stabbing; Says He Went To Kill Black Person

ABC’s ‘Blackish’ Thinks White People Think About Black People…All the Time

Article Links:  

Advertisement POLITICS | FACT CHECK Fact Check: Trump’s Misleading Claims on the Health Bill Failure

America Has a Big Race Problem

Why the white working class feels like they’ve lost it all, according to a political scientist






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