I’m Frogg and I’m here with my 3 co-hosts Chris J, Coach Junior, and Phil. We are also joined by Uncle Buck on the boards and the one and only Jet. We are live in #BlackenStudios and on this episode, we talk #NFL #week3. The fellas give their takes on week 3 of the NFL season. We will discuss #TigerWoods and his #FallFromGrace to the comeback of the century. We will talk about the significance of #EricReid getting a job and what it could mean for #ColinKaepernick. #JimmyBuckets wants to be traded to the #MiamiHeat. Do they have what the #Timberwolves want? We will hit you with #WordOnTheStreetwithChrisJ where #ChrisJ will have a #FallFromGrace moment for #AmericasDad. We will also hit you with a game of #21.

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