Let Richard (The Buckity) Taplin and  Elijah (5000) Bailey take you into the latest news and reviews covering anime, gaming, manga, film and pop culture in the April edition of The Bailey Bugle. Don’t miss out on the upcoming Blacken Studios and St. Jude’s gaming event, for more details look at the time stamps and listen to the show on how you can be a part of it. Anytime during your listen send us a tweet @ElijahBaileySho. Remember you can watch us live on twitch at elijah_5000 every Sunday at 2:00 p.m. CST. So join the conversation as the worlds most illustrious podcast, covers it all from the latest video game, film and comic news to this seasons anime. 100% auditorial pleasure right here coming from Blacken Studios!


Show Topics:

The Curse Of La Llorona – 1:35

– Streaming Shoutouts? – 2:40

– St. Jude’s Event – 5:30

– Game Of Thrones Season 8 – 18:44

– PS5 Specs Update – 26:30

– “All-Digital” Xbox One – 32:19

– The Witcher Netflix Update – 36:38

– Halo Finds A Master Chief – 37:54

– Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Clothing Line – 39:00

– Anime of the Month- 42:12

– Manga of the Month- 42:42




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Highlight Of The Month:

– Anime of the Month: Love, Death + Robots (Netflix)

– Manga of the Month: Black Cat


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The Elijah Bailey Show is hosted by Richard Taplin and Elijah Bailey. If you have any questions for your hosts, you can reach us at:

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Original Music & Videos For The Show:

– Music for the Intro, Anime Shmanime & Post Show Info. by beatsbyNeVs
– Music for Pre-show and commercial music by YaFueCopyright (follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & SoundCloud at YaFueCopyright to support his amazing work)

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