Microsoft – Sunday, June 9th 1 pm Pacific
With Sony out of the picture this year, this could be a big year for Xbox. It’s safe to say we will probably see Gears of War and Halo but will they capitalize on 3rd party developers like Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Cyberpunk 2077 and maybe this is where Rockstar will show what they have working behind the scenes?

Bethesda – Sunday, June 9th 5:30 pm Pacific
This week we have Rage 2 coming out hopefully it will bring in success, but with last year Bethesda had everybody excited for the new Fallout 76, but with the failure of that game. How will Bethesda address those issues and shine a light on what’s to come? They do have Wolfenstein and maybe talk about Doom or Quake…

Ubisoft – Monday, June 10th 1 pm PST

Ubisoft always comes in with something to show off. Unfortunately and thank goodness it will not be Assassin’s Creed this year unless its a tease of some of the Vikings that might come in 2020. Will we see more news on Beyond Good and Evil?? Or will we finally be able to set the sails in Skulls and Bones.

Square Enix – Monday, June 10th 6 pm PST

With Fan’s disappointed from last years E3 for some reason even though we did get an amazing Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts 3. Will they be able to keep the excitement going with the early reveal of Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Could they also ride the hype train of Marvel and tease some of the ol lost game Avengers?

Nintendo – Tuesday, June 11th, 9 am PST

With the Great Reggie gone what will the digital presentation hold for us this year. We can definitely say we will see Super Mario Maker 2, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing but what else? Will we see a new switch? Or Metroid 4?

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